Snow View Ladakh is a pleasant, relaxing, family-run Hideaway in Leh, nestled among poplar trees, apple orchards, and vegetable gardens. With over 40 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, David Sonam with his wife, Naomi (read about them) and their team at Snow View Ladakh offer the discerning and specialist visitors a Total Ladakh Experience that compels them to come here again and again…

About Us

David Sonam has over 40 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. In the 1980’s and 1990’s David worked in Tiger Tops Mountain Travel in Ladakh as well as in Nepal and Madhya Pradesh, as a naturalist & and trek leader. He worked under Jim Edwards and interacted with clients such as Bjorn Borg, Henry Kissinger, a number of Hollywood personalities, and icons of Indian spirituality.

David’s intimate knowledge of Ladakhi culture will make your stay in Ladakh a comfortable and rich experience. From the 1990’s onwards, David has been a member and office bearer of IALS (International Association for Ladakh Studies). Apart from a number of Ladakhi scholars, his colleagues have been or are (the late) Henry Osmaston (Geographer), Simon Digby and John Bray (Historians), Monisha Ahmed and Ravina Aggarwal (Anthropologists).

He is also associated with several other prominent organizations such as the Snow Leopard Conservancy India (SLCI), the Winter Sports Club of Ladakh, the Lions Club of Leh, the REWA society (supported by Ladakh Hilfe, e.V.), and the Wildlife Department.

A keen ornithologist and amateur photographer, David has been part of numerous expeditions, collaborating with ornithologists such as Ananda Banerjee, Otto Pfister, and Col Chacko (specialist on black-necked Cranes) and with well-known photographers such as David Valla (landscapes and portraits) and Steve McCurry (National Geographic Magazine).

Of late David has assisted film producers in their filming projects in and about Ladakh. David has assisted filmmakers such as Vinod Ganatre, Samreen Farooqui, and Shabani Hussainiwala. David’s experience and wide network of contacts is available to help every filmmaker who wishes to use the spectacular spaces of Ladakh to make an unforgettable impact on every moviegoer.

Today David leads fully equipped wildlife expeditions to remote locations to give the visitor a full in-depth experience of Ladakh’s natural beauty. David’s team at Snow View Ladakh offers advice and all logistical support for adventure excursions from Leh such as trekking, river rafting, hiking, camping, cycling, and hardcore mountaineering.

David is fully supported by his wife, Naomi, an educationist in her own right. Giving personal attention to guests is the forte of both husband and wife. An excellent organiser, Naomi strives to provide a relaxed and rejuvenating atmosphere at Snowview Hideaway.

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Snow View Hotel
Upper Changspa
Leh, Ladakh
194101, India

For Bookings:
Phone: +91-84939 03699
Mobile: +91-99069 82142
E-mail: snowviewleh@gmail.com


Snow View “Hideaway” is located approximately 1 km northwest of the Leh main market.

If you have a working data connection on your mobile, it’s most convenient to use Google/Apple Maps to locate Snow View Hotel.

Otherwise you can follow the following instructions: When coming from the Airport/Srinagar/Manali, go towards the Leh main market. Keep straight after Hotel Kangri, till you come to the “Zangsti” car parking (on your right). 50 metres further, you will arrive at a main tri-junction, on the right of which is the Moravian Church (new imposing building). Take the road turning right.

Crossing the police station and the Chief Medical Officer’s Office on your right, take the next left turn. You will come to “Karzoo zing”, a large pond (now turned into an ice-skating rink) on your left. On the right are the Ecology Centre and Karakoram Hotel. Continuing about 30 metres along the pond, take the first lane on your right (Circuit House/DC Residence wall will be on your left), and keeping left, go straight on for about 300 metres (don’t take any turns) till you reach the end of the lane leading right up to the Snow View “Hideaway” gate.